Susan Cloud

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Susan Cloud has been singing and performing with Think Big Party since 2009.

As a busy mom of three, and the executive producer of the Mark Davis Show – widely regarded as one of the most-listened-to political radio talk programs in the state of Texas – Susan keeps a full schedule.

Whether it’s scheduling show appearances with presidential candidates, or cheering in the stands at junior high volleyball games, Susan approaches everything she does with tenacity and a sense of teamwork.

Susan’s first live performance – as a singing sheep in a kindergarten Christmas pageant – nearly stripped her of any desire for the spotlight. However, this changed in 1999 when she became a professional vocalist, pianist, and guitar player.

When it comes to her role with the Think Big Party!, she prides herself in giving it her all, no matter what the song, venue, or clientele. Observers in the crowd would never guess that she has no interest in becoming a star, but this truly is the case. Susan seeks to elevate those around her, staying positive in all cases, and lending a motherly ear to her band mates when they need one. Above all, she never forgets that it’s a gift to be paid for doing something she loves.

When she’s not kissing boo-boos, evaluating campaign strategies, or stalking her favorite political pundits, she enjoys blogging, working out, writing songs, sipping bourbon, chugging coffee, and attending church activities with her family.

Susan is also available for professional voiceovers, and also performs in a jazz duo with renowned pianist Josh Hanlon.


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We received so many comments and compliments about the band. We loved the personal touches of the special songs and the involvement of the brass.

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